The Revolutionary Front Statement on the Events of 6 October

More than 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured across Egypt. The killers are certain that they will avoid punishment. Why not, when we are just days away from the anniversary of the Maspero Massacre, a massacre for which SCAF (the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) was responsible. Instead of seeing SCAF’s former head, Hussein Tantawi, in the dock, we see him at the forefront of the government celebrations of October 6.

Each day, citizens of all political colour, who oppose the current regime, are killed at its hands. Whether they die at the hands of the police, or paid thugs, or the military, or fellow-citizens, their blood is certainly on the hands of the ruling authorities. Mandated to find political solutions and ways forward for the country they have restricted themselves to security operations which have proved their failure again and again.

We condemn the killing and the instigation to violence committed by this regime, and we stress the inevitability of just retribution against all killers – from Mubarak and his gang, to Tantawi and his SCAF, to Morsi and those of his Brotherhood who acted outside the law, to the current regime that continues the killing and has been using incendiary language for months. Sooner or later retribution will come, for there can be no hope of stability until there is justice.

The stupidity of the Brotherhood and their allies, who continue to search for the author and the project they have lost, who deny the fact of their failure, and that the people rejected them and their president – all this should not blind us to the crimes being committed against them and against other citizens who reject the military authority and its security instruments.

Some of the revolutionaries with whom we stood shoulder to shoulder in the streets of the revolution have been misled by the slogans of the War on Terror and have thrown themselves into the arms of the current regime. We ask them to come back, to re-find their critical minds, to cut off their support for this unholy war. The vampires in power will never be sated; they know that once the bloodletting stops reason will step forward to ask: who gains by the killings? The abolishment of freedom? The state of emergency? The return of the symbols of the Mubarak era? The spreading of fear among the people? The dilution of the martyrs’ blood?

Those in power have not learned the lesson taught them by the people three times: when they removed Mubarak, then Tantawi, then Morsi. The lesson is: As long as citizens’ blood is cheap / Down, down with every president.

We will not be satisfied with less than full and just retribution for the martyrs – all the martyrs who gave their lives for the revolution. We follow them on the road – the road of the revolution.

Glory to the martyrs … shame on the killers.

Gabhet Tareeq al-Thawrah / Thuwar