Useful Articles on the Syrian Revolution

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Nader Attasi refutes Asa Winstanley’s denial and smearing of the Syrian Revolution:

The Civil Administration of the Insurgency in Aleppo

A letter from the Syrian Left Coalition to the Leftists in the Arab Countries and around the world

Yasser Munif, Syria’s Revolution Behind the Lines

Ghayath Naisse, Syria: A Revolt from Below

Interview with Gilbert Achar

Freedom for Jihad and Syria’s Wretched of the Earth 

Revolution, civil war and imperialist intervention: Statement by Venezuela’s Marea Socialista

Leila Shrooms, SYRIA: The struggle continues: Syria’s grass-roots civil opposition  

“A Discussion Paper on Local Councils in Syria” by the Martyr and Anarchist Comrade, Omar Aziz

We Stand Behind the Syrian People’s Revolution – No to Foreign Intervention

Original Arabic at

Budour Hassan, Death under torture in Syria: the horrors ignored by pacifists

Khalid Saghieh, Sleeping with the Enemy: The Global Left and the ‘No to War’ Discourse

original Arabic at

Saqet, Update from ‘Steadfast Yarmouk’ and a Note

Majid Rafizadeh, In Syria, Follow the Money to Find the Roots of the Revolt

Foti Benlisoy , Does an Anti-War Stance Suffice in Syria?

Muhammad Idress Ahmad,The New Truthers: Americans Who Deny Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Khaled Khalifa on a Possible US Strike

Syria Freedom Forever, Self-Organization of the popular struggles in Syria against the regime and islamist groups? Yes, it exists!

Yasser Munif, Inside the Syrian Revolution and What the Left Must Do

Nader Atassi, Syrian Anarchist Challenges the Rebel/Regime Binary View of Resistance

Mohja Kahf, Syria: It’s Still a Revolution, My Friends

Michael Karadjis, What does the U.S. want in Syria?

And search by authors’ names: Yusef Khalil, Joseph Daher, Bassem Chit


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